I can no longer participate in the race (injury or other). Can I have a refund ?

The organisation does not refund registration fees. Nevertheless, up to 15 days before the race, you can transfer your ticket free-of-charge to a new participant via the link received in the registration confirmation e-mail.

Can I change my departure time ?

No, it is not possible to change your departure time.
Why not? Because the departure time is calculated according to the estimated time of each participant. We make sure that the number of riders in action on the circuit does not exceed a certain limit.

What’s the minimum age ?

The minimum age to participate in Wattman is 16.
We require parental permission for anyone under the age of 18.

Do I need a cycling / triathlon licence ?

Since Wattman races are accessible to everyone, no licence is required.

Is there a warm-up / cool-down area ?

We have provided an area where you can set up your home trainer to warm up before the race and cool down after the race.
As there are always active racers on the circuit, it is not possible to warm up/cool down on the circuit.

What physical level is required to participate in the event ?

The distance of a Wattman is between 20 and 40 km. You must therefore be able to complete this distance.

Good physical condition is therefore necessary.

Is it possible to do a reconnaissance of the route ?

The course GPX tracks are transmitted to participants.
It is therefore possible for you to make an individual reconnaissance of the course on open roads.

*The organisation declines all responsibility during this reconnaissance.